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Sri Achyutānanda lineage

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Lineage and Indian tradition

In Indian tradition knowledge is deeply revered and honored and sacred. For this reason although anyone can buy a book knowledge is only to be taught and given under the guidance and light of a teacher. In Sanskrit the term Guru translates as venerable or highly respected person. 

A lineage is a term that denotes that the knowledge is safeguarded and passed down from teacher to student. It also invokes a sense of responsibility to honor the elders in the tradition and the teachings given as a family would. This ensures that the wisdom is imparted with care and honor beyond a mere economic exchange. The idea is also to protect the integrity and authenticity of the teachings, preventing dilution or distortion over time. Within the context that no two students are alike and all explorations and steps away from the center of the tradition should be dully stated as such.

On a spiritual dimension within all lineages the ones that have passed are said to watch over the younger generations. It is considered that through this the lineage has a special Shakti (Sanskrit: power). Hence the reason why students connected to a lineage will keep photos of their teachers or teachers teachers also named ParamGuru (grand teacher) around their offices. 

To read more about the tradition refer to Freedom Cole at Science of Light 

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