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Panchanga May 2024 in review

Dernière mise à jour : 16 mai

K15 Dark Moon

S15 Full Moon

prvt: exchange between two signs

= conjunction

S: sankranti, Sun in a new sign

May 2024

May 1st

Jupiter>Taurus end of prvt

May 7th

K15 Aries, Bhāranī

May 10th


May 14th

S Sun>Taurus

May 18th




May 19th


May 22nd 

S15 Scorpio, Anuradha

May 31st


To be mindful of:

One day to flag is May 18th that will see two major conjunctions within approximately 12 hours of each other.


1- Mars will be at exact conjunction with Rahu  in Pisces 

2- Sun will be at exact conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus


The lunar day ie Tithi will be Ekadashi, ruled by Mars, the great warrior. It was interesting to see the revealing of new military underwater drones considering this combination of Mars Rahu is in the sign of Pisces ruler of the Ocean.

On Saturday May 18th we should also note the Moon will be heading towards Ketu marking a strong Kālī vibration. She is the great mother of Darkness that devours all, she is the consort of Shiva himself. She is His power the one that destroys so all can be renewed. In Vedic paradigm creation is beat to a threefold Drum, the one that creates, the one that sustains, the one that destroys.

On this day the planet Venus will be in the Sandhi degrees of Aries, which emphasizes a level of instability considering both Jupiter and Sun are in Taurus ie one of Venus's signs. Once Venus transitions into Taurus She will bring greater stability and protection.


To look forward to:

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 22nd of May will feel like something has come over the edge and will be right opposite a very blessed Taurus with Venus, Jupiter and the Sun. Prepare for some Scorpion like blessings, mystics, astrology and all that is hidden knowledge, making it a great time for a spiritual gathering and healing. Scorpio is the debilitation sign of the Moon meaning it is a place of stagnation where emotions get stuck. Venus will be traveling very close to the Sun until it moves past it on June 4th a day before the dark moon.... This full Moon will be a good time to reflect on held anger in romantic relationships and to become aware of where this stagnation is causing suffering. More on that as we progress towards June.

Full Moon Mundane Prediction:

This should be a push forward for the nuclear fusion research that is close to providing clean energy.  

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