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Full Moon to New Moon Forecast, end of May to June 5th 2024

Dernière mise à jour : 28 mai

Mumbai, India

Begins: S15, Wednesday 22nd, 18:48

Ends: K1 Thursday 23rd, 19:23

Paris, France

Begins: S15, Wednesday 22nd, 15:18

Ends: K1, Thursday 23rd, 15:53

New York, US

Begins: S15, Wednesday 22nd, 9:18am

Ends: K1, Thursday 23rd, 9:53am

Los Angeles, US

Begins: S15, Wednesday 22nd, 6:18am

Ends: K1, Thursday 23rd, 6:53am

Every two weeks the Moon goes from Full to Dark marking the changing nature of our lives and reality. This month the Moon will reach its peak fullness on the 23rd of May in the sign of Scorpio. Remember, all things come to pass and are ever-changing. Every day, new life begins and others end, fortunes rise and fall, and moments of joy and sorrow touch us all. We each encounter our destiny, embracing all of its nuances along the way.


Days to pay attention to:

May 30th - June 2nd: Mars will transition from Pisces to Aries. On the positive side, Aries is Mars' own sign and will provide it with protection, as Aries represents the collective head of the world. However, this also means that three malefics—Mars, Rahu, and Saturn—will be afflicting Aries, combining both a storm and Yama yoga. If you’ve heard me speak of this, you know that wherever Yama resides, death follows.

June 5th-6th: Amavasya Dark Moon in Taurus

On the Good:

Spring is here, days are long and Summer is calling. Jupiter is transiting the sign of Taurus for the next year giving us a great blessing. (Read more here). July 20th-21st Guru Purnima (Full Moon) is showing beautiful planetary combinations. And a big shift will take place once Mars transits to Taurus mid July.


Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio is a water sign, but this water is one that is still and prone to accumulating dirt, it is dark and deep as a well. The 8th house is the place in the zodiac which shows the debt we owe from our past lives. It is a fixed sign meaning the hand of destiny has been locked and thus this suffering will have to come to pass. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars the planet of war and Ketu the planet of renunciation and spirituality. Ketu is the headless tail, meanwhile Rahu is the bodiless head. They are always in opposition of each other and though we treat them as planets they are in fact shadow points in the sky linked to the movement of the Moon. Hence understanding these two can be very difficult as they are truly illusive. So can be our Scorpio friend... Scorpio rules over Iron, one of the strongest metals in the world but given humid conditions Iron is prone to rust.

These murky waters are calling us deeper into our hearts and onto the journey of letting go. As with the ever-changing nature of life, remember the butterfly goes into the cocoon for a deep transformation and awakens into vibrant colors, soaring through the sky.

The Moon is Mother, it is society, it is nurturing and its place of strength is the fourth house of home and the heart. Scorpio is its least favorite position in the zodiac. Understand the 8th house is about transformation because it and of itself is the processes of death and rebirth. On the mystical inner journey this death can bring about incredibly powerful spiritual awareness, but the Moon is far from comfortable in that place of constant change. A healthy Moon, mind, emotional state is one where all things flow gently, while Scorpio is about stagnation and seating in the mud. A Scorpio Moon is one that clings onto the negative, and has a hard time keeping a balanced view of the world and its experiences. Hence we should expect a negative outlook to prevail on a world level, this could also impact the stock market. (*All comments on the stock market is given strictly for entertainment purposes and not financial advice, seek a professional for investment guidance).

This Full Moon will be aspected by Jupiter and Venus giving it a great blessing showing a great potential for spiritual practice and gatherings like Kirtan. Meanwhile there will also be an aspect from Rahu And Saturn giving it a curse actually named the storm yoga, (click here for full detail on this combination). Hence we should expect mixed results from this Full Moon.

Something important to notice, as we should never be unaware of the greater cycles of conjunctions at play, is that we are heading towards the great meeting of Rahu and Saturn in Pisces in a year's time. Did you know that the meeting of Rahu and Saturn in Pisces has historically caused leaders to meet their death? Both spiritual and presidential leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Kennedy, died during this time. It is my personal prediction that the elected president may meet the same fate next year. More on that at a later time.

In the short term, it’s important to note that in two weeks time, the dark Moon will occur in Taurus. Leading up to this, Venus and the Sun will move closer together in a rapid dance across Rohiṇī, culminating with Venus passing the Sun on June 4th. This is a great period to reavaluate our romantic relationships and gain greater clarity on the way. Venus is currently in its own sign of Taurus giving it a blessing and protection. Venus is a water planet, that rules over love, sensuality, pleasure and art.

The period from May 30th to June 3rd is expected to be particularly tense, especially in conflict zones. Additionally, close attention should be paid to the super volcano in Italy, which is beginning to show signs of activity and could result in temporary difficulties for crops. Solar storms may also increase during this period due to the interaction between Venus and the Sun, with Mercury in Taurus. On the positive side this could lead to greater advancements in Nuclear research and specifically nuclear fusion energy.

For a more upbeat deep dive into this Full Moon in Scorpio click the first video.

For a deeper understanding on this article watch the Full Moon to New Moon forecast presentation with the second video.

Tune into the Jyotish Junction on the Youtube for a deep dive into the subject:

With light Aurelie

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