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Secrets of the Vedic calendar (1) Lunar Mansion

Your  Nakṣatra a healing day

On the day you were born, it is said all of your destiny came to bind your soul and body to the experiences to be lived, and with the first breath drawn, it all began. That moment in time is a map of our lives, our luck, misfortunes, and the way things change and evolve. In Vedic Astrology, there are three types of karma: one bound by the immutable forces of destiny, one that can be aided with remedies, and one that is changeable and dependent on our actions.

Vedic astrology is a complex system that employs countless factors to grasp the changes we all inevitably face in life. This system's dynamic nature ensures remarkable accuracy when used with skill and expertise. However, the mystical essence of the universe still reveals or conceals what it chooses. Therefore, as Jyotishis, we practice humility and our Sadhana to honor the unseen thread that connects everything. Indeed, a technique taught by a great teacher in my tradition exemplifies a point in the chart indicating when a person is bound to receive bad advice. When this combination is repeatedly seen, it must be addressed.

There are nine planets in Vedic Astrology: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu-Ketu (the lunar nodes are always opposite each other). The Sanskrit term "Graha" translates to "planet," but it truly means "that which grasps or seizes you," implying intense allure and inevitability.

Where the Moon was transiting at the moment of birth shows your Nakshatra. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is divided into three lunar mansions. This Nakshatra has deep significance in our lives and experiences, especially in how we see and experience the world. Think of your mind during a breakup compared to when you learn your wife is expecting a child. Our minds filter the world, and the influence of the Nakshatra determines how this filter works.

When the Moon aligns with your birth Nakshatra in the sky, which happens once a month, it is an auspicious moment to prioritize self-care. Consider booking an acupuncture session, indulging in a swim, or treating yourself to a sauna. Anything nurturing for you and your body will harmonize with the energy of the day. The Vedic Calendar reveals the ideal times for various actions, showcasing the potency of each opportunity.

To learn how to find your Nakshatra and when the Moon will transit this Lunar mansion, watch this video:

Screen Shot this Recap to keep in your personal notes:

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